Güncelleme Sonrasındaki Yeni Fotogaleri

Once the threat is gone… I’ll be a hero and the DOOP will reinstate me. Sir, that plan makes no sense. Maybe not to you. But you were court-martialed in disgrace. Burn! Prepare for the fight between good and Neutral. And they’ll be like… and we’ll have pancakes to celebrate. And I’ll be like. Precisely. Now, in the name of all that is honorable. of peace, then fire. Yes, sir. Fly the white flag of war. This is Zapp Brannigan, of the ship. Planet Express Ship.

The reactor temperature is nominal. The blinker’s off. I learned to work the gravity pump too, in case we need it. So are we dating now? Please, cut it out now. I know there’s some perfect thing I can do to make you love me. When I figure out what it is. I don’t wanna hurt you… but there is absolutely, positively no way that you and I will ever. man and wife. You may kiss the bride. He looks radiant. The time skips haven’t stopped. Even in these formal shorts, I feel like a failure.


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