Evinize Renk Katacak Bir Köşe Takımı

Evinize Renk Katacak Bir Köşe Takımı

I’m gonna be a stalker! That’s not really a career. More of a felony. Man, I’m gonna stalk his brains out. Ooh! Big news on the Calculon fansite! There’s a flash mob headed for his plastic surgeon’s office! There, that’s as big as I can make it. But I caution you, it looks completely unrealistic. You let me worry about that! Just do your job. Very well. Will you be using your SAG insurance? No, cash. I’d like to be discreet. Dear God, no! Oh boy, oh boy, he’s here. Calculon, I love you! Have my baby! CALCULON.

Calculon residence. Oh, hello, Mr. Calculon. Son of a bit. This is my house. But that means I’m blackmailing myself. Why didn’t you tell me, Monique? I tried to, but I couldn’t. Oh, Calculon, I’m afraid you have a fourth personality the other three don’t know about, and it and I are lovers! How’s Calculon going to take this, Fry, especially after that humiliating tennis tournament? Fry? Don’t know, Bender. Tonight’s my big date with Colleen. I got to run. But me and you like to watch together.

It sounds like low rates. I’m in the tub! This is Gary Gygax, inventor of Dungeons & Dragons. Greetings! It’s a pleasure to meet you! And our intern, Deep Blue, the chess-playing computer. Bishop to knight 4. Not every mission can be solved Where am I? You’re in a terrestrial transport module. What’s going on? It’s about that rip in space-time. I call it a HaWking Hole. Hey, I saw it first! Who Will The Journal of Quantum Physics believe? Apparently, something was supposed to happen but didn’t.


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