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Günde 1000 Kalori Diyeti

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Günde 1000 Kalori Diyeti

Unless you were already having been going to do that! You heard me! In any case, I’ve hidden the box, and it will remain hidden… until I’m convinced you’re not evil. Everyone, keep an eye on your evil counterpart. And you all do the same! Can Fry and I watch our parallel selves together? We have plans tonight. You guys are dating? Oh, no, no. We’re married. I got my eye on you, boy! Don’t even think about it, lunch pail! You’d be dead before you hit the ground. Good point.

That’s how I met my horrible wife. You never wore your ring. I didn’t know. She doesn’t know I work. I keep my personal life separate. when you’re poor. lucky seeing-eye dog was whizzing. I can’t spell anything with these cards. Finally, I have a good claw! Three females, a number and a king giving himself brain surgery. It won’t matter how many you got. Bender’s hot. Uh, what can I say? Nothing. Nothing. Crap. Crap. Garbage. Read them and leak saltwater. Oh, man. My baby’s milk money! What will I tell my horrible wife? I’d be more worried about the tapeworm going to town on your intestines.

You folks still doing all right? Oh, yes, Elzar. Turns out I forgot to cook that chicken. Bad news, everyone. I’ll be gone… leaving behind only a history of failure and my original hipbones. You see, I’ve been lying about my age. I’m not actually 150. Oh, vanity, thy name is Professor FarnsWorth. And noW that I have nothing to live for… I’ve alerted the Sunset Squad robots to take me aWay. Goodbye, cruel world! Goodbye, cruel lamp. Goodbye, cruel velvet drapes.


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