This one’s lost its pizzazz. A fortune, it is. At last, Zoidberg will live like a rich man! Get away from me. That’s it! I’m getting Coffee machine, one cup of coffee, please. Leela, are you there? Oh, yes, you are. I’m hereby inviting you and your oddball coworkers… to a special reception to display the national silk surplus. I believe you know the heroic space stallion who captured it. He rented it with his tax refund. So, Leela, will you have the pleasure? What little there is to be had.

The gorilla was the 18th hole, so we’re headed into the ball return. What else now can go wrong? Ladies, you’re under arrest. Prepare to be boarded again and again. He’ll never take me alive. Don’t give up yet. I’ve got one more trick up my sleeve. That’s exactly the number we need. The fairer sex. Something’s very wrong here, and yet a little bit right. Not so fast, Brannigan. Even less fast, feministas! Bender? All two tons of me. All rise for the honorable Chief Justice D-O-G-G and the Associate Justices.

Perhaps the computer can calculate its trajectory. My God! It’s headed straight for us! With enough force to reduce this city to a stinky crater! We have less than 72 hours. Well, let’s get looting. This thing will destroy The answer lies in this movie I found on the Internet. New York City. The year 2000. in history… was running out of places to bury its never-ending output of garbage. The landfills were full. New Jersey was full. Under cover of darkness, the city put its garbage out to sea.