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Akdeniz Diyeti

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29 Ağustos 2012


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I feel terrible. Is she all right? I don’t know. Perhaps I’ll look out this window. Dear God! They’re swarming all over. What are you talking about? She’s- They are strapping her to the juicer. They’re putting some ice cubes in that glass under it. This can’t be happening. It can. And for all you know, it is. I’m sorry, Fry. She’s dead. All she ever wanted to do was help me. And I was too proud and stupid I wish I had died instead of her. What are you talking about? You’re alive! Of course I am. 1.reklam 2.reklam

Yes. And the only one of her species in all the known universe. What a lonely life. My God, poor Leela. Heard you needed cheering up. Well, old Bender will make you laugh. Man. I got to work on my act. I feel like a rat. I’ve been whining like a pig while Leela was lonely as a frog. I’ll do it for you. Thanks. You should be ashamed of yourself. You’d have to be blind not to notice Fry’s over there, man. Xmas Eve. Another pointless day where I accomplish nothing. The holiday season is a time of celebration for most.


Now, that’s walking-around money. So I said to Kitty, The only way to keep the butler from running away. Yes, it reminds me of a joke I heard about upper-middle-class people. I’ve never been sad at a party before. I wonder if my mind is thinking about Kif being in jail? Jail’s not so bad. You can make sangria in the toilet. Of course, it’s shank or be shanked. Of course. Look, just give back our property, and we’ll drop the charges. Fine. Have the watch. It’s broken anyway.


Could you lower this thing for me? Now then, if Leela gets eaten, I get eaten. Little one, get out of there! I’m going to count to Blorks! But elder one. Hear me out! There are many good reasons to eat! Hunger, boredom, wanting to be the world’s fattest man! But not revenge. Are we no better than they? Besides, Leela’s my friend. She’s your friend? Leela’s garbled words have opened Okay, that’s a start. It’s very earth-friendly. Now everyone join hands. Join hands, please. I’d like to lead you all in some swaying.



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