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2014 Yaz Modası

2014 Yaz Modası
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Freedom train arriving on track one. Ooh, ooh! Ow! You broke my foot! Freedom. What’s this next float, Linda? Representing our men, women and children in uniform… it’s Earth’s greatest space hero, Zapp Brannigan. Happy Freedom Day, ladies! Come on, let loose and show me something. Anything. Seriously, I’d take an armpit. Oh, yeah, thank you, Linda! You’re welcome! Okay, Morbo, now it’s your turn. If that is your Freedom Day wish… Thank you, secretary of transportation.

Only I have his lobster-like tenacity. Up yours, Zoidberg! Up wherever your species traditionally crams things. The only sensible way to pick a successor is with a limbo contest. Kingston rules. Two men go down, one comes up. Look, the professor trusts me with a giant spaceship. He wouldn’t trust you with his dentures. Sorry, everyone. But need I remind you, blood is thicker than water. Blood. Thicker. Water. Everyone, I have a very dramatic announcement. So anyone with a weak heart should leave now.

Now people like art that’s tattooed on fat guys. I’m on loan from the Louvre. Please, professor. We deserve another chance. And if you won’t give me another chance, perhaps you’d give one to… Og, gorilla emperor of Earth! Sorry, Og. But I’ve got a new crew. How was your delivery to Fantasy Planet… where everyone’s fantasies Great! Organized! For one beautiful night, I knew what it was to be a grandmother. Subjugated, yet honored. Everything’s running smoothly. With Fry fired, I can leave my jigsaw puzzles out.

I wish Slurms McKenzie were here to enjoy this. Yeah, he sure loved to party. How about we all party one last time for him? For Slurms. For Slurms. Hey, that’s not that bad. Futurama is brought to you by Glagnar’s Human Rinds. It’s a Bunch-a-Munch-a- Crunch-a-Humans! I Second That Emotion Somebody likes snouts. Oh, my head! My precious head! Stupid can opener! You killed my father and now you want me! You all right, Bender? around for that dumb animal? Don’t yell at him. You hurt his feelings.



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    Her sene değişen bu modayı anlamıyorum 🙂 Bakalım bu yıl neler giyeceğiz :/

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